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since 1998

Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (Willing New Materials) started from 1998 with investment of RMB85020000.00, located in Chemical Industry-Intensive Area, Puyang, Henan, China, focusing on the production and sales for Rubber Chemicals, Thermosetting Resins and Organic Chemical Intermediates. Willing New Materials is key High-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan and innovative enterprise in Henan Province and the energy saving technology innovation demonstration enterprise, and also the technological innovation demonstration enterprise, Top 100 enterprises and AAA grade credit quality Henan industrial enterprises.

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Factory add:Chemical Industry-Intensive Area,Puyang,Henan,China


Marketing Department  Exporting

Add:No. 80-1002, shanghai Garden Phase II, No. 7886, Humin Road, Shanghai, China.





Add:No.148,Middle Pushang Road,Puyang City,Henan,China

P.C :457000

Tel:0393-5389904  8909096  13721752522 


Rubber additives,phenolic resin,special phenolic resin,organic chemical intermediates,bismaleimide,rubber vulcanization accelerator,vulcanization agent,accelerator
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